Creating an Environment of Luxury

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When you’re starting your new in home salon, you’re probably envisioning everything you want it to be and everything you would want in a dream salon you were visiting. Plush chairs, relaxing music, endlessly flowing wine, warm towels, a steam room and deep tissue massages are probably just the tip of the iceberg. You can easily start to create a luxury environment in your home, with some simple steps.

 Start by thinking about simple luxuries. Brightly lit spaces, extreme cleanliness, soft music and cushiony seats will all help your clients feel like they’re in a high end environment. Then think about hospitality. How can you make people feel at home? Offer them something to drink or a snack. Serve them on real dishes, in fancy glasses. Ask them about their preferences. Provide them with options. Decorate! You don’t need tons of money to make your place feel upscale. Visit flea markets and yard sales for non-essentials and use your creativity. Make your own curtains. Fill your space with plants and water features.

And then think about your equipment. Professional equipment will right away make your customers feel like they are in an upscale salon. <a href=""></a> can provide you with tons of options for things like shampoo bowls, great salon chairs, rolling carts, train cases, sterilization equipment, towel warmers, makeup cases and rolling carts. These kinds of items are not only necessary but signal to customers that they are in an upscale salon, that you have everything they could possibly need and are fully able to meet all of their beauty needs. <a href=""></a> is the perfect resource when you’re just starting out and need to acquire all the basic equipment. You’ll find wholesale prices for classic, elegant equipment that will work well and your customers will love using.

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